Cranky Post of the Day

I’m behind on sleep and tired, but I have stuff to do, so when I read this paragraph (versions of which I’ve seen all over the baseball media and blogosphere) it especially irritated me.

With Zambrano’s agreement, the Cubs have now officially spent over $300 million this off-season, a new baseball record. And that figure does not even include the money spent to bring on new manager Lou Piniella.

No, they haven’t spent $300 million this off-season. I don’t remember now who all they’ve signed, but technically the only money they have SPENT this off-season is anything they paid in signing bonuses. And, since baseball has guaranteed contracts, unlike football, signing bonuses are usually quite small or non-existent when compared to the other major sports. The Cubs have signed contracts that COMMIT them to spend over $300 million over the next 8 years (I think that is the length of Soriano’s contract), but they haven’t spent a dime.

Zambrano, Cubs avoid arbitration

The world is full of idiots.


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