Thankfully, someone sane is running the Astros:

 In light of all the speculation and his horrid start to spring training, it’s important to report that only an injury will cost Chris Burke his starting spot in center field for the Astros. Purpura is firmly in Burke’s corner.

“I think we’ve made the commitment that this is a kid who sat for two years and waited for his opportunity to play,” Purpura said of Burke. “He’s a big-game player. I don’t think you judge a player just on a week and a half of spring (and then say) he’s in danger or losing a job. That’s ridiculous.

“This is a kid we have a lot invested in and he’s proven to be the kind of guy you want there in key situations. We take a lot more longer-term view of these things than other folks do. You have to. As I’ve been saying probably every spring since I’ve had this job, I’ve learned a long time ago you don’t evaluate players solely on spring training performance and the other one is solely winter ball performance because they will fool you.

“Guys who have lousy springs – and I think about Jeff Bagwell – Jeff Bagwell might have the history of (one of) the worst springs of a lot of guys that we’ve ever had. Brad Ausmus on the other hand jokes that he’s a Grapefruit League Fall of Famer. There’s a contrast. If you judge just on spring training, you’ll be fooled a lot.”


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