Spoke Too Soon

It’s a Friday the 13th game. Oswalt has walked 6 and given up 6 ER in 4 2/3 innings. The last run scored from 3rd on a balk that the home plate umpire called. Two weird things: 1) Oswalt tried to pick someone off 3rd base. You rarely see that. 2) the home plate umpire called the balk, saying that Oswalt stepped towards home plate instead of 3rd. It’s more usual for the umpire on the base the pitcher is throwing too, to call that sort of balk, because they have a much better angle on where the pitcher’s foot and leg goes. Oswalt was pissed and probably Berkman and Ausmus saved him from getting tossed. Garner did get tossed and I’m sure got some good cussing in.

Oswalt finally strikes out Rollins to end the 5th inning. He’s in position to get the win and will probably be pinch-hit for since he is due to bat 2nd in the top of the 6th. It will be good to see Lidge get a chance in the 6th to see how he handles it.

This reminds me of a game from a couple of years ago. Maybe it was against the Braves, but something happened during an inning that completely set Roy off and he ended up giving up a few runs. I can’t remember for sure, but I think he got tossed from that game. He has a temper, but I think that is really his competitiveness coming through.


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