Exit Exam for University

This post proposes an exit exam for universities, with the awarding of a degree conditional upon passage. Some of the proposed essay topics.

  • Describe and evaluate the main arguments for the existence of God(s).

  • Explain, with diagrams, how eclipses of the sun occur.

  • List ten books you have read outside of class in the past four years and tell why you liked, or didn’t like, them.

  • What is your favorite music? Why?

  • What is the theory of evolution and why is it important?

  • Are you for or against abortion?

  • Is there a difference between law and justice?

  • Is socialism better than capitalism?

  • Explain earthquakes and volcanoes and how they relate to plate tectonics.

  • Is there anything wrong with genetically modified food?
  • I’m not sure these are the definitive questions, but I’d have a hard time with some of them.


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