Realistic Snail Mail Spam

I was going through the mail today and opened an envelope that contained a page that appeared to have been torn (neatly) from a magazine. Attached to the page was a post-it note, with the message “Lucas, Try this it works! J.” The envelope didn’t have a return address, but had a stamp for postage and although my address was typed, it didn’t look like a typical bulk mail advertisement. The page had copy on the front and back advertising a $300 program purporting to improve your public speaking. I wracked my brain, trying to figure out who I knew in Santa Ana, California who might send me this. I thought it might be junk mail, but it didn’t look anything like regular junk mail. Finally, I turned to Google and it turns out that it really is. Apparently, these types of advertisements have been around for a long time (one hit was from 1996), and even are the source of several urban legends (my ad was for the American Speaker product mentioned near the bottom). Now I can throw it away in peace.


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