Public Ed 101

Perhaps arriving late the party, but here nonetheless, Jonah Goldberg’s syndicated column proposes abolishing public schools altogether and allowing parents to choose how to spend money from the government for their children’s education. It’s a short column, so it’s not really a detailed policy argument, but I like the comparison he makes of the current foundering educational system with some people’s ideal of a universal heath care system.

UPDATE: Jonah’s column sparks several responses on the Corner:

Reader emails to Jonah

More reader emails

A link to an article in the Weekly Standard

Mark Steyn agrees with Jonah’s column

A response from another blog

Jonah’s reply

Ramesh’s take

Andy McCarthy chimes in


Jonah drags in Ben Franklin

Steyn replies to Ramesh

Ramesh has the last word for now . . .

I like reading The Corner, but there are a lot of common blog features that are missing from the software they use, like a feature to tag posts on a certain subject and the ability to hyperlink to a given post, but still be able to scroll up or down and see other posts.


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