Evan Almighty

The sequel to Bruce Almighty, which stars Steve Carrell in the lead role (I forgot that he had a role as the newsanchor at the station where Jim Carrey worked). From the previews, it looks like Evan is a modern day Noah. When I was talking about it with a friend the other day, I wondered how the rest of the story was going to go, because I couldn’t see them wiping out the entire population of the world. Then I read this on the Corner today:

Freeman’s God calls upon Carell’s Congressman to build the ark to prepare for the big rains on September 22nd. And then the rains come and then…perhaps I shouldn’t say. Suffice that the real focus of this film isn’t God’s wrath but Man’s greed. It turns out there’s been a man-made dambreak that causes this gigantic flood, and it’s mainly the fault of a pro-business Congressman played by John Goodman who’s been helping his fat-cat pallies buy lots of land in parks and then winking at their short-cut moves (i.e., not building a dam properly).

Sounds like I’ll give it a pass now.


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