“Answer me, God!”

Protein Wisdom has a post about questions that a local Presbyterian church in Littleton, CO solicited on the topic “If you could ask God one question, what would it be?” After listing the (mostly predictable) top 10 responses, that will apparently be the topics for the upcoming Sunday sermons over the next couple of months, he asks his readers to chime in with the questions they would ask. Some favorites from the responses:

  • I would ask God to describe the universe and give two examples.
  • What do you have against the Cubs?
  • PC or Mac ?
  • I’d like to know how I’m doing so far. I get quarterly reviews at work, they’re very helpful to me. I think it would be nice to know where to focus my energy.
  • What is my cat thinking when she sits across the room staring at me like that?

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