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BLOG and MABLOG: Reformed Catholicity

Doug Wilson responding to yet another criticism (he does that a lot; the man does seem to stir up a lot of trouble), talks about how his denomination happened to be formed.


I became a paedobaptist in 1993, and this happened in a church with some staunch baptists in it. Without going into the details, some of the baptists left unhappy, but the vast majority of the church, and the vast majority of the baptists in the church, did not want to divide over such an issue. So we didn’t. We worked out a baptismal cooperation agreement, one that we still honor and use. As a friend and a pastor to some of these godly and charitable baptists, I was not about to conduct a purge of them from the church. These were people who had stood by me in a very difficult time. Now, with this mutt of a credobaptist/paedobaptist congregation, what Reformed denomination would you have us go join? We had absolutely nowhere to go.

At the same time, we had become convinced of presbyterian polity — the difficulty of sorting out the baptism question had revealed some pretty sorry gaps in our polity as well. And so we joined together with two other congregations here in the Northwest, congregations that had had an historic connection with us — lots of friendship and common ministry together. That is how the CREC formed — not as a schismatic attempt to increase fissures in the Reformed world, but rather as an attempt to reduce the disunity in our small corner of it. Since that time the Lord has blessed us greatly, and we have seen many congregations come into our confederation. We are very grateful for all of this.


2 Responses

  1. I know nothing of Baptist policies or politics, but I loved your title so much I had to comment — tremendously clever.

  2. I can’t take credit for it. It’s the title of Doug Wilson’s blog that’s linked in the post. Thanks for commenting though.

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