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Biggio Hits 3000

And a couple extra for good measure. The one night I actually work on schoolwork, instead of watching the game and he gets 3 hits in his first 4 at-bats to reach the magic number. I did turn on the game in the 9th inning and got to see the dramatic comeback, highlighted by Biggio’s hustling infield hit with 2 outs, Pence’s strange double (see link below) and Carlos Lee’s grand slam. I can’t believe I’ve been a fan for Biggio’s entire career, but we’ve been extremely fortunate to get to root for a ballplayer like him in our hometown.

Baseball Musings: Strange Double

With the Rockies leading 5-4 in the bottom of the eleventh, Hunter Pence legs out the strangest double I’ve ever seen. With Biggio on first after his fifth hit of the game (3002 for this career), Pence hits a medium roller up the middle. Fuentes, the pitcher, reaches down to grab it, but it rolls under this glove. The second baseman and shortstop are confused by this, and each think the other one is going for the ball as it rolls by both into the outfield. Meanwhile, Pence is running hard all the way and reaches second for a double.


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