Mosquito Ringtones

I was watching Law & Order and one of the A.D.A.s made a reference to a “bumblebee” ringtone; a ringtone that was too high-frequency for adults to hear. That was intriguing, so I googled it. It’s more commonly known online as a “mosquito” ringtone and it’s on based devices that were originally developed to deter teenagers from loitering in places like convenience stores. Anyway, it struck me as a really interesting use of technology. I’m also disappointed that this has apparently been around for more than a year and half and I am just now finding out about it. Now I want to download one and see if my ears are too old to hear it.

Some links:


17000 Hz Mosquito Cell Phone Ring Tone

Test your hearing frequency (I could go as high as 15.8kHz which is apparently one below the cutoff for what only teenagers are supposed to be able to hear).



NY Times



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