More on the UK Terror Attacks

Doctors ‘terror gang trapped by mobile phones’ | the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has a good article recounting all the developments to date, including the arrests that have been made. One bit of random trivia, apparently two of the suspects in the overall plot lived in Houston, described in the article as “quiet commuter village . . . Renfrewshire, just outside Glasgow.”


3 Responses

  1. I’m ashamed to admit this as The Daily Mail is usually full of drivel and hatred but it would appear to be a good article. The Sunday Herald also had excellent coverage yesterday of all the events to date and analysis…obviously things have moved on since then.

    I’m puzzled as to the relevance of your comment on them being from Houston though? Can you explain?

  2. I’m from Houston, TX and all 2 of the people who might typically read my blog would already know that. I’d just never heard of a Houston in Scotland. Sorry for being cryptic.

  3. Thanks for that clarification.

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