Why Do You Love America?

The 4th of July prompted some introspection around the blogosphere.

From Rod Dreher:

All these things are precious. If you spend any time overseas, or pondering the problems of most other countries in the world, you realize how stupendously amazing it is that such a thing as America was even attempted, much less got more or less right, though we must continue to improve.

All of that is why I love America. But that is not the main reason I love America. The main reason is simple — so simple that I didn’t realize it until 9/11.

I love America because she is mine.

Mark Krikorian responds at the Corner:

He loved his country partly because it was his own country, but mostly because it was a free country; and he burned with a zeal for its advancement, prosperity and glory, because he saw in such, the advancement, prosperity and glory, of human liberty, human right and human nature. He desired the prosperity of his countrymen partly because they were his countrymen, but chiefly to show to the world that freemen could be prosperous.

Dreher’s comment triggered a memory, which some googling found quoted on Terry Teachout’s website:

“I love my country because it is mine.”
Stephan Orbelian (quoted in Rex Stout, Death of a Dude)


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