Safari 3 Update

In this post I compared Firefox and Safari and my experiences using both. I noticed at the end that there was a new public beta of Safari available for download and I’ve been using it the past several days. Here’s some quick impressions.

  • Search: Safari 3 includes a very Firefox-like search function that includes a search bar that appears at the top of the window (instead of the bottom like Firefox).
  • integration: Safari 3 doesn’t appear to have anything like integration with its bookmarks as publicly available plugins for Firefox do. I did discover some Bookmark toolbar buttons for that make it easier to add new bookmarks from Safari, but it’s not as seamless.
  • Speed: Safari 3 doesn’t seem quite as fast as Safari 2, but it’s still faster than Firefox and it’s still in beta. Opening a lot of tabs like I tend to do does seem to lead to a little lack of responsiveness, most noticeably in the behavior of the cursor icon, but it’s not as bad as Firefox.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: I haven’t really investigated if there’s a way to remap the keyboard shortcuts in Safari yet. I did find out how to switch between tabs from the keyboard. Overall, the Safari shortcuts are far more inconvenient than Firefox.
  • Blogging: My blog still loads faster in Safari 3, but the visual editor doesn’t work correctly. This may be something that gets fixed in the final release, but it’s definitely annoying.

I’m getting used to Safari and will probably use it for the immediate future and see if I can get around some of the more irritating features.


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