More Than Meets the Eye

Deadline Hollywood Daily » ‘Transformers’ Targets $150M First Week; Could Pass 7-Day Non-Sequel ‘Passion’ & ‘Potter’; Latinos Flock To See Battle Bots

Hollywood money-grubbers anticipate that Transformers will take in $150M this week, which is 50% more than anticipated. Based on the trailers and my understanding of the premise I can’t understand why you would want to waste money on it, but apparently I’m in the minority of the movie-going public. It got rave reviews from my friends at lunch today.


2 Responses

  1. The two people I saw the movie with were much more impressed with it than I was, though I enjoyed it. Personally, I saw it more as a kind of one-off guilty pleasure. A cheesy action movie of no real importance. My life will not be enriched by seeing it again, but at the time it hit the spot.

  2. it baffles me, but I’m wrong I suppose.

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