Astros Trade Rumors

MLB Trade Rumors: Rosenthal’s Latest: Andruw, Lidge, Gwynn Jr.

Brad Lidge is expected to remain an Astro. The main reason: Drayton McLane still doesn’t think his team is out of it. Most simulations a 2% chance or less of reaching the playoffs. If the Astros finally do acknowledge reality, they’d prefer to trade relievers other than Lidge (ie, Dan Wheeler or Chad Qualls).

According to Ken Rosenthal, via MLB Trade Rumors, the Astros won’t trade Brad Lidge this season and I think that’s a good move. Before his injury Lidge seemed to be back to being “Lights-Out” Lidge and he has the best stuff of any of our relievers. His salary is still reasonable and we control him for at least another year. I’d be open to moving Qualls or Wheeler this year because I think the bullpen is one place where all the young pitchers we have can be an immediate help. It would be interesting to know what we could get in return for Loretta or Lamb. I’d guess nothing more than a AA prospect, but our system is so thin I would consider it. Ensberg and Lane have little trade value. I can’t see how Ausmus would help any other team. But none of the rumor sites mention anyone on the Astros other than our relievers and we’d have to admit that we’re out of it to even trade one or both of them.


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