Houston Strategies: A Tale of Two Chronicle Op-eds

Tory Gattis at Houston Strategies responds to an op-ed in the Houston Chronicle on the same topic I posted on a few days ago.

Houston Strategies: A Tale of Two Chronicle Op-eds

So, Houston clearly needs some “style police”, eh? To make sure we dont accidentally build anything that might go out of fashion. Sounds like a great solution. All we need to do is set up an omniscient planning board with godlike powers to see into the future. Should be a snap. And well just tell all those “young parents” there are no new, affordable homes for them because, well, really, theyd be making a bad decision that will eventually make them “resentful of their lot” – and we want to protect them from that horrible decision to become homeowners. They really should just stick with their current apartment. Thanks, Duany. Cant believe we didnt see the obvious problem and solution before.


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