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Alpaca! ILoveAlpacas.com – Visit an Alpaca Farm or Ranch Near You

I was watching TV and a commercial came on. It was a testimonial from a man who used to be in the investment business, but now raises alpacas full-time. Apparently you can race alpacas. They also have been called “the world’s finest livestock investment” (it doesn’t say what the person who called them that was smoking at the time). Many alpaca breeders offer financing. Who can breed alpacas? Anyone! I’m thinking of getting on for my backyard.

I Love Alpacas


One Response

  1. Quite a few people “raise” alpacas but I don’t know anyone who can “race” alpacas.

    Yes anyone can breed them but you do need some land and some cash…..a breeding female will run you anywhere from $10k to $50k and you need at least two alpacas to keep each other company.
    If you don’t want to breed them but just want to look at them and sell their fleece each year then you can buy a couple of males that aren’t good enough for breeding for $500 a pair or maybe less.

    But don’t believe everything you see on TV……visit a local alpaca farm, just google one near you.

    happy farming


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