A Future Contract With America?

I could go along with 9 of the 10. I am not convinced that high-speed rail would solve transportation problems in America. Are our problems really with intercity or interstate travel? It seems like they are more in the area of INTRAcity, getting commuters to their jobs and entertainment centers. I think that it’s a problem that is more concerned with the northeastern corridor, where we already have a taxpayer funded boondoggle called Amtrak.

On Tap » Jim’s Stab at “9 with 90”: A Future Contract With America?

A little while back, I wrote, “before a political movement – any movement, not just conservatives – can use technology to promote its message, it needs to agree on what that message is. If one had to propose a new Contract With America, could conservatives formulate a list of ten legislative proposals that would get 90 for 9? (Meaning, 90 percent of conservatives agreed with 9 of them?)”


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