Astros Trade Rumors IV: Oswalt Isn’t Going Anywhere

This is a redundant, but no sooner had I posted on the Astros a few minutes ago do I read at Baseball Musings that a Mets blog has picked up on an article by one of the Chronicle reporters where they asked Oswalt a question about whether or not he would be willing to waive his no-trade clause. That’s a pretty dumb question. What is a guy like Oswalt going to say, no? That he would stubbornly cling to a no-trade clause when his team didn’t want him or thought they could get something more valuable in return? Oswalt is a pretty quiet guy, but you get the sense he is very competitive and has a lot of pride, so I don’t see how he could have answered any other way. It’s a poor question, designed to elicit quotes like this and gin up an excuse to pile on the Astros.

I think that Houston fans are pretty poorly served by the reporters who cover the local teams. That is probably a reflection of the fact that Houston is a sedate sports town and not a really prized destination by top talent. Richard Justice apparently has some notoriety in big Northeastern markets, because of his past connections there, but he seems to write to be provocative, merely to stir up controversy. McTaggart is OK and is the most focused on day-to-day stuff. Ortiz, doesn’t add much value. He’s that author of this story and beyond the silly questions I mentioned earlier, appears to get some stuff wrong.

With that said, Purpura would consider offers for some of his other players who have no-trade clauses. On that front, Lidge, Jason Jennings, Mark Loretta and Mike Lamb appear to have the most trade value. (emphasis added)

According to the Cot’s Baseball Contracts Astros page, none of those guys have no-trade clauses in their contracts. I’m assuming Cot’s is correct, both because of the details they track and past reliability, along with the fact that it would be very strange for these types of players, who mostly have one year deals to have no-trade protection. Jennings was traded this past off-season, so I’m not sure how he would have a no-trade clause. It just seems like that’s wrong. In any event, when I saw this I needed to vent.

For the record, if the Astros trade Oswalt, I think they would risk losing a lot of fans, including me, unless the return was ridiculously stupendous. From the Mets, I think that would have to be straight up for Jose Reyes or David Wright. And there’s no way that trade is happening.


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