A Calvinist Leaves the Faith and Joins the Catholic Church

These posts showed up in my RSS reader (What was I thiniking?!?–The Calvinist Mind (part 1), One Little TULIP — The Calvinist Mind (part 2)) describing the author’s spiritual biography. After a childhood in a Baptist church, in high-school she delved deeper into Christian theology and became convinced of the truth of the gospel as taught by Calvin. Sometime later, she left that faith and became a member of the Catholic church. In these posts she compares her understanding of Calvinism with Catholic teaching. It was instructive to read them, but one thing I found frustrating was the comparison of the “5 points” of Calvinism to the teaching of the Catholic church, with no attempt to reconcile it to Scripture. It also appears from the paragraph below, which summarizes the second post that she doesn’t truly understand the doctrine of salvation.

To summarize, TULIP makes sense as a system unto itself, but it is hard to live out because one must believe he is totally passive in the salvation process. The Calvinist sees the believer as completely predetermined for salvation or damnation from “before the foundation of the world,” but the Catholic understands that God desires all people to achieve union with Him. Life is simpler as a Catholic because I no longer have to view my sin as proof of my unelection. Instead, I can utilize the means of grace God gives His Church and strive for greater union with Him in the sacraments. This is a lifetime effort, and anything I do is first granted to me by God’s grace, but I participate actively in this process.


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