Biggio’s 3000th hit

It’s a gloomy day on the internet for Astros related stuff. Everybody and their dog is posting about the 2nd half and what the Astros will end up doing and there seems to be a competition to see who can be the most pessimistic. I’m not saying they’re not right, or at least in the ballpark, but it’s not fun to read. The Astros have an outside shot at reaching .500 it seems to me and that would at least be respectable. I’d hate to finish with 72 wins or something.

To brighten things up a little bit, Brian McTaggart’s blog on the Chronicle’s website has a post on Craig Biggio that has some neat stuff. Audio from Craig talking about his swing and memories from hitting 3000, a link to a page that lists every one of his hits and probably my favorite, a video of crowd reactions during the game when Biggio reached the milestone. Hunter Pence

Tag’s Baseball Plays: The baseball milestones are falling


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