Rockets Trade for some Argentinian Dude

I haven’t talked much about the Rockets, but they made a trade this week for a guy named Luis Scola with the Spurs. Scola is a power forward from Argentina and played on their last Olympic team with noted whiner and flopper, Manu Ginobli. Although I’m sure Scola will be a fine addition to the other whiners and floppers in the NBA, some people think he can actually play basketball pretty well too. The Chronicle reporters acted like they thought it was a good idea, considering only had to trade a future draft pick, some cash and a guy named Vassilis Spanoulis, a Greek player who played sparingly for the Rockets this past year. Spanoulis apparently got his feelings hurt to such an extent last season that he flat out refuses to play in the U.S. again (or at least that was his story before being traded; perhaps being traded to the reigning NBA champions will change his mind.)

I found this on the True Hoops blog on ESPN about the trade:

The San Antonio Spurs, fat and sassy with their fourth title in nine years and their ability to make TV magic, passed on paying the luxury tax during the 2007-08 season. Why else would they trade the right to sign Luis Scola – considered the finest overseas prospect in these here hills – and an emerging pivot talent for a player who won’t spend another minute in the NBA?

. . .

Jackie Butler for V-Span is already a huge steal for Houston – Butler is a darn good pivot prospect whose per-minute numbers (even at power forward, which surprised me) were quite encouraging even as a part of the New York Knick mess in 2004-05 and 2005-06.

. . .

Either way, the trade is an absolute home run for the Rockets.

So, we got that going for us.

Apparently this guy is 28, so you hope he isn’t about to go on the downside of his career, but maybe he can eke out a couple good years while Tracy McGrady’s back still allows him to stand upright.


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