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More Entertainment Blogging Today

A Q&A with Robert Sean Leonard from one of my favorite TV shows, House.

A Summer Away from the ‘House’ | Robert Sean Leonard | The Q&A | TV | Entertainment Weekly | 1

What’s impressive about your acting on House is that you could so easily be the always-perturbed guy going, “Hou-ouse!” But you manage to make it understandable why these two would be friends.

I feel like that guy all the time. I always feel like, everyone on every television show is tired of something with their character. What I like about Law & Order is it’s kind of the same every week. That’s what TV is. Someone once explained to me the difference between a procedural show and a character-driven show: they were talking about Law & Order when Elizabeth Rohm was on. He said, ”I can explain to you what it is in one question: Do you care if Sam Waterston sleeps with Elizabeth Rohm?” I said, ”No, not really.” And he said, ”It’s a procedural.” And he was right. If Sam Waterston’s character slept with Elizabeth Rohm’s character, I honestly wouldn’t want to know about it. I’m much more interested in getting back to the crime. I think House is a weird combination. That might be one of the reason it works on some level. I don’t know any other show that’s both. It really is both. It’s not Grey’s Anatomy, it’s not a nighttime soap. It is a procedural. There is a sausage-grinder of a routine we go through every week. There are four acts, or three. Something’s wrong, we get it wrong, we get it wrong, we get it wrong, and then at 9:47, we get it right. It’s clearly a procedural show, but the characters are pretty interesting for a procedure. I’m the guy who’s always telling him what he’s doing wrong. I feel a little bit like the frustrated wife or something. But these two guys are very mysterious to me, their relationship is very weird. Maybe that’s one of the reasons it works. I like Hugh a lot ,and I love what he does on the show. I feel quite peripheral to it sometimes, and that might be another reason it works. I just come in and check things out every few scenes.

If I lived in New York, I’d probably do this too.

Now that you have seven weeks off, what are you going to do?

. . . On my break I don’t really do anything. I just exist in New York and I’m just happy. When I got back, I got on the 3rd Avenue bus, rode it all the way up[town], and then took the 2nd Avenue back down. I’m not ashamed to admit it’s not the first time I’ve done that. Especially on a rainy day. It’s great. You get the New York Times, you get on a bus, you go all the way uptown, cross over, and come all the way back. I love it. I find it really lulling, I don’t know why. Especially now, the buses are so beautiful. The windows are so big, they’re a great view. I still have a little bit of a crush on New York. It’s just comforting to be in this city.

And an interview with the most important man in media, Stephen Colbert.

Birth of a Colbert Nation

Is it the same sort of textbook size as Jon Stewart’s America book was, or is it more of an autobiographical size?

[Laughs] That’s interesting. Actually, America — the format’s big, but it’s not that big a book. Only about 200 pages. It’s about the same length. But our shows are different. Jon’s book was called America. Mine is called I Am America. And that gives you — that really kind of codifies the difference between the two shows. He talks about America; I embody it.

I just linked to two articles from Entertainment Weekly.


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