iTunes Storage and Backup

4-Bay PlatinumNAS Plus Tower

My iTunes library is about 50 GB and I have another 20 GB of music sitting on my backup hard drive. Currently I’m limited by the 80 GB internal hard drive in my Powerbook that I use for my main home computer. With the OS and everything else, I have about 4 GB of free space. I could move everything to another PC that has a lot more internal storage, but then I’d have to run two computers constantly. Something like this sounds like a better solution and according to this report, the 1 TB model will retail for about $800. Hard drives are so cheap now that having storage like this available on the network is going to be the way to go in the immediate future. Eventually, as bandwidth gets even faster and more ubiquitous, I think more and more stuff we will just store “in the cloud” with a web hosting provider or a service like Amazon’s S3 and it will be accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Something I’ve been trying out lately is an offer from my web-hosting company, Dreamhost, for a free year of iTunes backup service Bandwagon. Bandwagon features an FTP client that runs on your desktop and backs up the iTunes library to a remote location, in my case over 200 GB of available storage on my account with Dreamhost. Bandwagon works in the background and is constantly uploading files from my library. The client works pretty well, but I’ve had to kill it and restart it a few times. With limitations on uploading via my DSL, the process is pretty slow and will probably take at least two weeks to upload the entire library. But it will make a nice fail-safe in case I manage to lose my Powerbook and backup hard drives.


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