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New Chron Baseball Blog

The Houston Chronicle added a blog by a stathead that looks promising. This post is about our abysmal save percentage this year. If we were even league average, we’d be only 4 games under .500, instead of 14, or whatever. I guess I knew the back of my mind that our bullpen has been bad this year, but looking at the numbers show just how bad. I’d have to say that this is probably the most disappointing thing, because with Lidge, Qualls and Wheeler I figured this would be a strength.

(The Chronicle doesn’t do a great job of advertising the new blogs they start. I’m subscribed to over a dozen different feeds from the Chronicle, both articles and blogs and I only found out about this blog from a link from a blog at the Houston Press. Go figure.  Just a comment on the writer at the Houston Press, John Royal. He makes himself look like a fool with the ignorant potshot he takes at the Chronicle’s blog post on Biggio’s HOF chances. More than a few people have heard of Win Shares and think they’re a pretty valuable tool for evaluating players across leagues. Not to mention that they were invented by Bill James, one of the godfathers of baseball’s sabermetric revolution. But it’s nothing more than the typical cynical bile you get from a free newspaper. I’ve read a few of this guy’s posts and while I don’t have any love for most of the Chronicle’s sportswriters and columnists, he seems to suffer from a pathetic envy that makes him truly laughable.)


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