Should the Astros trade the Magic Wandy?

This post at MLB Trade Rumors suggests that the Mariners might be interested in Wandy Rodriguez. Other than the possibility of trading Lidge, this might be one of the toughest questions Tim Purpura faces at the trading deadline this year. Wandy is having the best year of his career and even though his ERA and wins aren’t terribly impressive, his peripheral stats like K and BB are improved and he seems to have acquired a confidence that he was lacking in the past. He looks like he could continue improving and become a solid #3 pitcher who’s young and under our control for the next few years. He could also turn into the Next Jeroime Robertson. Gerry Hunsicker was smart and traded Robertson after his (artifically inflated) 15 wins season and got Willy Taveras and Luke Scott in return.

My gut feeling right now is that we should trade Wandy. Our minor-league system is very thin, but we do have some arms, most notably Troy Patton at Round Rock, who should be ready to take a spot in the rotation next year. If we can trade Wandy and get a quality prospect at 3B or outfield, it’s worth the risk.


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