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Austin v. Wal-Mart

One of the more entertaining Austin spectacles over the past year or so (maybe longer) has been the ongoing fight between Wal-Mart and some neighborhood groups. A developer who I think has pretty close ties to Wal-Mart purchased a decrepit mall in north Austin that was slowly wasting away along North Lamar. They sold the property to Wal-Mart who plan to bulldoze the whole mess and put a stupendously-sized Wal-Mart on the spot. Somewhere along the line, some folks in the neighborhoods around the proposed site got organized and they have been waging a spirited battle against the development, seeking to save the rest of us and the purity of our precious bodily fluids from the greed, traffic and corporate filth that is the Beast from Bentonville. Anyway, after protracted PR war seeking to have the City Council revoke its previous approval of the plan, which failed, they’ve resorted to a lawsuit against the city itself, accusing the city of failing to follow its own rules approving the plan. The Austin Contrarian, which I’ve enjoyed reading in the past for posts on other urban planning topics, has a detailed analysis of the merits of the lawsuit that I found beneficial.


2 Responses

  1. Preservation Of Essence….Peace On Earth.

    Things are different here in H-Town, where they’re tearing down the “Taj Mahal” HISD building to put up a Costco and an LA Fitness on Richmond…

  2. Yeah, I saw that story, but the Wal-Mart situation isn’t that different. What is there now is literally a mall, albeit an old one and it’s smaller than a mall would be nowadays. It’s not like they’re razing a string of storefronts to lay down miles of asphalt.

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