Carlos Lee on Fire

The Astros won today against the Padres behind excellent pitching from Oswalt and the bullpen and more offense from El Caballo. Since the All-Star game, and especially the past week he has been crushing the ball. I heard him interviewed after the game and he said that he got a little pull-happy in June, but has corrected that this month.

Since the ASG, here’s his stat line:

G     AB    R    H    2B    3B    HR    RBI    TB    BB    SO    SB    CS    OBP    SLG    AVG
15    57    8    18   2     0     6     13     38    4     8     1     0    .361    .667    .316

An OPS of 1.028 is superstar caliber. Lee got off to a slow start, like the entire team, but thus far he has been their offensive MVP.

We lost our first two series after the break, but have won or tied (guaranteed a tie in the current series against the Fightin’ Friars) the last 3. This doesn’t change anything about our playoff chances, but it’s always nice to be winning. Let the march to .500 continue!


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