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FCC Sets Rules for Wireless Spectrum Auction

I confess that I am not completely conversant with the issues involved in this process, not remotely. Also, the auction that will take place probably won’t have practical effects for end users for several more years, however, I have become interested in the discussion about this auction over the past couple of weeks. Google made a splash when it sent a letter to the chairman of the FCC lobbying for certain rules that it claimed would open the spectrum for the benefit of consumers. I don’t trust Google, despite their corporate motto, but I trust them a smidgen more than any of the wireless carriers (AT&T, Verizon) who are likely to be bidding. In any case, the FCC announced the rules and I found the write-up from Ars Technica helpful.

FCC sets 700MHz auction rules: limited open access, no wholesale requirement

Google: Signs of real progress at the FCC


FCC Fails To Mark Its Place In History

FCC presents 700MHz auction rules

FCC: Limited Open Access, No Wholesale Requirement for 700 MHz

AT&T and Verizon are expected to be participants in the 700 MHz auction. The band is important, not because of its capacity, but because of its reach. Between one third to one tenth the number of towers will be required to provide coverage. Conversely, the low frequencies penetrate walls much better, improving indoor reception.


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