Teach me to give up on the Astros

Was out doing the wing thing with friends tonight and watched Woody Williams slowly blow the 5-1 lead the Astros staked him to by the 5th inning. By the time I stopped watching, it was 9-5 Braves and we went to Hastings to look at used CDs.

So later tonight, I flip on the tube and turned over to Fox Sports, actually looking for the Ranger’s game to check out some of their new guys (the nice thing about having DirecTV in Austin is there are 2 alternate channels for FoxSports so we can see both games usually). Wonder of wonders, the Astros are leading in the top of the 12th inning, 11-9. (4th game in a row we have allowed 9+ runs) I missed all the excitement.

I feel ashamed to call myself an Astros fan right now. I committed the cardinal sin of giving up on my team. Heap scorn and derision upon my head.


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