The Bourne Ultimatum

A solid 4 stars (out of 5). I really like how they tied it into the ending of The Bourne Supremacy; it had some amazing chases across the tops of buildings and a fight scene that probably tops the one in the first movie. I didn’t enjoy the car chase quite as much; the way they cut it made it seem not quite as impressive as the one in Paris in The Bourne Identity, but it was very frenetic and you felt more like you were actually in the car rather than watching it on-screen. Jason Bourne is slightly more indestructible than in the previous films and there are a couple parts where it strains credulity a little bit (car crashes and bombs cannot hurt Jason Bourne–he’s like a more resourceful Chuck Norris), but nowhere near as bad as Live Free or Die Hard. Excellent story and it wraps up the Bourne saga pretty well I thought. I’ll definitely see it again.

Here’s what other folks are thinking about it.


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