Article in the Houston Chronicle talking about electronic monitors that University of Texas football players swallow before practice that are used to monitor internal body temperature and provide an early warning to prevent heat-related problems.

This is no medicine. About the size of a thimble, it is a miniature mechanical tool that helps players avoid heat stroke during rigorous workouts in the hottest time of year.

Covered with epoxy to aid swallowing, the pills contain a battery, a communication coil, a circuit board and a quartz crystal. A hand-held monitor placed next to the player’s midsection reads the level of vibrations from the crystal, translating it to a digital temperature reading.

. . .

Cost is a factor, Smith acknowledges. The pills cost $30 each and although they do not dissolve in the body, the Food and Drug Administration requires they be discarded after one use.

If I’m an athlete, I’m in 100% agreement with the policy on discarding used pills. I’d hate to be the training intern stuck with the “recovery” detail.


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