Lubbock or Leave It

The Little Leaguers from Lubbock won today vs. Oregon and advanced to the U.S. championship game, which will be held on Saturday. Broadcast crew on ESPN had a pretty good lineup. I thought Orel Hershiser and Brent Musburger were excellent and Dusty Baker didn’t bog things down too badly.

One thing that has always struck me about watching these LL games is how artificial some aspects of the game seem compared when I played baseball as a kid. We never had the level of rah-rah stuff going on as these kids seem to have. Then with the weird rules and pitch counts and overly-padded batting helmets, it takes a little bit away from the game I think. The pitchers for Texas were pretty dominating though.

n.b. on the schaudenfruede front it was nice to see Venezuala suffer the double-whammy of getting smoked by the U.S.A. basketball team in the adult division and then getting eliminated in a walk-off at the Little League level.  I feel sorry for the little kids who lost but their country is run by an evil bastard.


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