Don’t Call It A Comeback

Bloglines introduces its new beta reader @


3 Responses

  1. i didn’t know about this. I tried it, and like most of it. the only thing I couldn’t find was a way to keep a post “as new”. Which is a must.

    Dude, did you hear about your GM and manager? Shown the door… how do you feel about that?

  2. Listening to news conf live right now. Basically its bad performance past 2 years (missing playoffs) plus fan blood lust. Purpura deserves more of the responsibility than Garner, but that’s the way it goes. The new GM will be the big question.

  3. I just took a quick look at the new Bloglines. It seems faster than either the old one or Google Reader, but there was some quirky behavior. I’ll have to play w/ it some more to see if I’m switching back or not.

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