The Unlocking Wars

This article from BusinessWeek provides an overview of the looming issue of unlocked iPhones hitting the market. Reports of successful methods to unlock iPhones have apparently been confirmed and some vendors are preparing to offer services that will unlock your iPhone, thereby freeing it for use on other GSM networks and removing the need to pay AT&T and for access. Apple and AT&T are huddling with their legal teams to see what recourse they may have to prevent this from happening (at least for now; I don’t believe that Steve Jobs would shed any tears if the wireless carriers lose their clout when it comes to controlling access to their networks. In the end that means more potential customers for Apple phones, despite a possible short-term loss of revenue). There are no certain predictions of legal outcome if Apple and AT&T attempt to stop vendors from unlocking iPhones and its possible that any legal battle could have the effect of hastening the end of the current plan for marketing locked phones that most networks in the U.S. use. It should be interesting to watch.

Why Apple Can’t Stop iPhone Hackers


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