Voltaire: Proponent of Intelligent Design

Post at the Evangelical Outpost on the philosophical and historical underpinnings asserted by modern-day atheists.

We are intelligent beings: intelligent beings cannot have been formed by a crude, blind, insensible being: there is certainly some difference between the ideas of Newton and the dung of a mule. Newton’s intelligence, therefore, came from another intelligence. When we see a beautiful machine, we say that there is a good engineer, and that this engineer has excellent judgment. The world is assuredly an admirable machine; therefore there is in the world an admirable intelligence, wherever it may be. This argument is old, and none the worse for that.


One Response

  1. “This argument is old, and none the worse for that.”

    None the worse, but none the better, either.

    This is a pure analogy. Analogies are sometimes fruitful for directing research into where evidence may be found. Ultimately, however, an analogy stands or falls with the evidence. Two hundred years of Paley has produced none. Modern versions of Paley have also produced none.

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