Pretty Soon You’re Talking About Real Money

Larry Kudlow has a column on NRO today about the massive money-pit that is New Orleans. According to White House figures, over $127 billion has been spent in direct and indirect aid on the city. Kudlow points out that if the government had simply split that among the 300,000 residents living there it would come to about $425K a piece. I don’t know if the number includes the money for the never-ending benefits that refugees from Katrina continue to receive in Texas and other states. It also seems that a great deal of the money is unaccounted for, which shouldn’t surprise us.

Think of this: The idea of using federal money to rebuild cities is the quintessential liberal vision. And given the dreadful results in New Orleans, we can say that the government’s $127 billion check represents the quintessential failure of that liberal vision. Hillary Clinton calls this sort of reckless spending “government investment.” And that’s just what’s in store for America if she wins the White House next year.


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  1. Well said. Bravo!

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