Rain, Rain Go Away

The St. Louis Cardinals have played 130 games so far this season; the lowest number of games of any other team in the National League is 132. Seven teams in the league have played 134, which is the highest count. It’s probably because they had a few extra games canceled due to bad weather in the early part of the season. Also, I think one game was postponed the day after their pitcher died in a car accident.

I’m not sure if playing fewer games has helped or hurt their team. If they’d played 4 additional games already and won them all, they’d be only a game behind the Cubs (instead of 3 now; the Cubs have played 132 games this year. Actually it might have tied them with the Cubs because one of the games that was postponed was between the Cards and Cubs only a couple weekends ago). If they’d played all 4 and lost they would be 5 games back and have even less hope of making the playoffs than they do now. At the beginning of the season they were playing very bad baseball, like all of the NL Central (except the Brewers). Over the past month they’ve played much better, they had a winning record in July and are doing OK in August. So it seems they would prefer have the games occur when they’re running hot rather than cold. However, because of the scheduling problem and the rapidly approaching end of the season, this week they started a streak where they are scheduled to play 35 games in 34 days, which is a pretty grueling run. They’ll be helped when the rosters expand, but that won’t help the starting pitching too much and the improvement in the starters has been a significant influence on their improved play. It will be interesting to see it play out and I haven’t read anyone else talking about it, so I thought I would mention it.


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