Rich Get Richer

Wow, BoSox rookie starter Clay Buchholz throws a no-no in his 2nd start. If I remember right, this was a guy they were refusing all offers on at the trading deadline and last off-season. Sounds like that was a good decision. It doesn’t make him a lock to be a future All-Star (the list of no-name pitchers who have thrown no-hitters is long and strange), but it’s a nice start and I imagine Sox fans are ecstatic tonight.

n.b. The Chron says he’s a Texas native. Naturally. I wonder if the Astros ever passed him up in the draft. I’d have to look, but I guess that the Sox have had a better records every year for at least the past half-dozen or so years, so we probably did. Maybe we drafted Taylor Buchholz instead of Clay. (Actually we didn’t draft Taylor; we got him in the Billy Wagner firesale).

Update: OK, so I checked. Clay Buchholz was drafted in 2005 as a compensation round pick following the first round at #42. The Astros drafted Brian Bogusevic (LHP) at #24 who I believe is currently struggling in AA. We also drafted Eli Iorg (OF) in the compensation round at #38. Eli is tooling along in high A ball with slightly above average results. All three of these guys are 23-24 years old and all were college players. So, that’s two players we picked in 2005 before Buchholz. Comparisons like this aren’t entirely fair, but lets add it to the lengthy CONS column on Tim Purpura’s ledger. We also passed on Colby Rasmus, an OF the Cardinals drafted a few slots after Bogusevic who is currently their Hunter Pence in the minors and probably will make the big club next year.


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