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Truly Disturbing

This page has links to “Top 10 Incredible Recordings”, among which is a recording of Jim Jones during the last 30 minutes before he and his followers killed themselves. What’s really disturbing is hearing the supporters apparently enthusiastic acquiesence with the plan to commit mass suicide.

9. [WARNING] Jonestown – the last 30 minutes (November 18, 1978) [Wikipedia]

Jim Jones was the American founder of the People’s Temple group. The group became infamous after the November 18 mass suicide/murder in Guyana where the group had moved after rising tensions in the USA. Nine-hundred-and-nine people drank cyanide after Jim Jones ordered his men to kill visiting Congressman Leo Ryan and numerous members of his entourage. In this horrifying recording you hear the last 30-45 minutes of Jones directing his followers to poison their children and then themselves. At one point one of the female voices on the tape is heard to say “It’s okay – they aren’t crying because of pain – it is just because of the bitter taste). Some of the bodies found had died of forced cyanide injection or gunshots. Jones was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head. Discretion is advised in listening to this recording. If the recording piques your interest, I would recommend buying the excellent recent documentary on the tragedy called Jonestown – The Life & Death of Peoples Temple. The DVD was just released in April, 2007.

Play / Download the mp3 (20.4mb)


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