Towles Boy

Watched some of the Astros shellacking tonight at the hands of the Brewers. A few notables:

  • Chris Burke may be heating up. 3 hits last night and good swings tonight. He needs to in order to have a chance to nail down a job next spring.
  • Luke Scott still going well. Ditto.
  • J.R. Towles has hit in the minor leagues and has made it all the way from A ball to the majors this year, which is no mean feat, but it’s shocking at first how little he looks. Like J.D. pointed out, for a normal person he’s big (6’2″ 195lb), but at the plate, he looks a little scrawny. He’s still only 22 and if he hits, who cares, but it was just something I noticed.
  • Albers and Paulino sure didn’t impress. Paulino you can understand because it is his first major league appearance. Albers has had several starts this year and been inconsistent. That’s probably to be expected from a young pitcher, but we need them both to grow up in a hurry.
  • I can’t think of a game I’ve watched this year where Mark McLemore has looked good. Somehow he only has a 3.38 ERA in 26 innings, but I imagine that he’s allowing inherited runners to score that aren’t counting against him.

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