Are you ready for some football?

At first I was upset when I noticed that my Tivo wasn’t going to record The Office tonight, but then I noticed we have actual, real football tonight. So that will be nice.

Note: I still am upset about Austin TV’s stupid decision to show Titans games on the CBS affiliate instead of a team located, you know, in this actual state, like the Houston Texans, solely because of Austin’s homoerotic man-love for Vince Young. KEYE 42 TV I hope your ratings turn to ashes and plagues are visited upon your children’s children for generations to come.

Update: I’m not the only one who hates KEYE 42 (CBS).

Check out the vehemence in the comments to Richard Justice’s post here. The good thing is that some people have banded together on the Texans message board and organized a watch party at a nice bar downtown.  The internet is a wonderful thing.


One Response

  1. Buddy, your Texans got the green light this Sunday on KEYE, despite having less ratings. Even last week, when the Titans played on Fox, and Texans were on CBS, more people watched an out of state team.

    Your team’s decisions have made actual Texas residents not care. So try to blame homosexuals or whatever, but the organization put themselves in this situation, not Austin residents.

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