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Astros GM Candidates

For the past week I’ve been planning to write something about the Astros GM search and have been watching the interwebs to notice whenever a possible candidate is mentioned. The problem is that its hard to get much information on these guys, at least just from Google searches. Then yesterday the candidates started being interviewed, guys like Ed Wade and Jim Beattie, who I remembered as former GMs and some other guys who are in various lower-level positions in different organizations. We also apparently talked to Bob Watson, who used to be the GM here but left to work for MLB.

Of course there have been articles in the Chronicle and on astros.com about the interviews, but their descriptions of the candidates haven’t gone beyond a two sentence bio. Then today, Jose de Jesus Ortiz, one of the columnists posts this blather on his blog at the Chron.

After speaking with many of the candidates for the Astros’ general manager position, I must say fans should be pleased with the level of interest the Astros are receiving from quality folks.

. . .

Of all the candidates for the job, Watson is the only one who truly knows what it is to love Houston, to love the Houston Astros and to have literally shed his blood and sweat trying to bring a winning product to Houston fans on the field and in the front office.

Because I’m an unbalanced fan and I’m desperate for knowledge about the process that is taking place to select the person who will play a large part in determining whether we have a team worth watching the next few years, this really pissed me off. It’s Ortiz’s job to tell us what’s happening and of course that means he’ll have to report the meaningless platitudes that politicians and sports stars and pretty much everyone else says in our media-saturated culture. But to act like that is actually noteworthy, and present it in lieu of any actual work is irresponsible and lazy. Anyway, I left a comment on his blog about it and then I figured that I have my own blog for such insane ramblings, so I put it here as well.


Wow, one of the most desirable jobs in baseball, of which there are only about 30 positions in the whole world, in an international city and we should be “pleased” with the quality of people interviewing? Maybe we should be thanking them for bothering to even show up in person, instead of just a phone interview. As far as I can tell, the interviews thus far have been retreads who never won anything and a couple of guys from bad organizations. I wouldn’t mind seeing some reporting that included information about these candidates like what their background is, what were their notable successes and failures were in their previous positions, why they left and under what circumstances and why they haven’t been in a similar position in the interim.


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