I Am A Bitter, Angry Man (well, maybe not so much)

********** UPDATE: **********

ankiel ny daily news cover

Boy, I wish I had Drudge’s flashing siren icon to put on top of this post. The NY Daily News is reporting that Rick Ankiel received a 12 month supply of HGH in 2004.

All the usual caveats apply. I’m not one of the steroid-obsessed people like most in the media. I enjoyed watching Bonds break the HR record. But if nothing else, this should take some of the gleam off the Golden Boy, and that’s a nice way to end the day. It will be fun to watch all his admirers try to justify and/or minimize the impact of this story.

(h/t MLB FanHouse)

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The Natural. The stuff of legends. The greatest baseball story of the year.


OK, so everybody loves Rick Ankiel. He has been the recipient of numerous fawning stories recounting his poor childhood, superstar potential as a pitcher, tragic failure and now a phoenix-like rise from the ashes. Peter Gammons, notoriously susceptible to any nostalgic story involving the Cardinals wrote, “What I do care about is the fact that this man overcame demons and dreams and pain few have ever experienced.” Please.

I don’t care. I unsubscribed from the Deadspin feed because the editor is a Cardinals fan and can’t resist the urge to write him love letters every week; there’s an entire category devoted to him on the site. It’s a man-crush on the scale of Vince Young and Austin. Right now Ankiel’s getting on-base at about 90 points higher than he ever has in the minors and is slugging over 200 points more. He’s having a nice month, but if the Cubs manage to royally screw it up and the Cardinals get into the playoffs we’ll never hear the end of it.


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