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Aggies Get Robbed–But Survive

What do you expect in the corrupt world of college football, but that was a weird ending to the Aggie game today. First the Aggies let Fresno St. come back with just a minute or so remaining and tie the game. Then after the Aggies score a field goal in the first overtime, Fresno St. throws a play-action pass on their first play and the receiver gets down to the goalline. But while trying to stretch the ball across before he goes out of bounds he fumbles. The ball cross the goalline and the Aggies pick it up, but the referee calls him down on the one yard line.

Then the fun starts. They review the play. At first the ref comes on and with his mic breaking up says that the play stands as called, despite the fact that replays clearly show the player was in bounds and outside the goal line when he fumbled into the end zone. Then there is some general confusion. At first it looked like Fresno St. was ready to snap the ball, but then the ref’s start wandering around and talking on the headset again and he announces a new ruling. 1) the original call is reversed and the ball was fumbled into the end zone, and 2) there was a personal foul, roughing the passer on the play, so it stays Fresno St. ball, 1st down at the 12. Well that’s news to everyone watching the telecast b/c there was no word about a flag on the previous play. Then there is more commotion, Coach Fran, the refs and Fresno St. coach all huddle and argue, but finally the ball is set down for play.
Anyway, Fresno St. scores a field goal to tie the first overtime and then score a touchdown on their possession in the second overtime. Aggies have to score a touchdown or they lose.

Update: Aggies win in triple OT. Fresno St. couldn’t make a two point conversion to tie the game.

Update: The Chron’s David Barron says that the radio guys broadcasting the game spotted the roughing the passer flag on the disputed play at the end of the first OT, while the TV guys were a bit befuddled.


2 Responses

  1. The TV announcers may have been befuddled, but whoever was handling the graphics on Fox got it right — they had a yellow flag bar highlighted.

    Despite the bumbling, the refs finally got it right, which is all I ask.

    Coach Fraud better thank his lucky stars that guy fumbled, because otherwise Fresno has first down on the one yard line and probably wins the game after one overtime. Coach Fraud has enough tough road games. He can’t afford to lose his winnable games at home.

  2. You’re right that they got lucky. Letting Fresno St. tie the game was inexcusable regardless. I think Fran is gone, unless the Aggies do something miraculous this year.

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