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Circling the Drain

After today’s loss to the Mets, the Astros stand at 62-80, which, if my math is correct, leaves 20 games in the season. Any chance to reach .500 has long passed and given the way they’ve played the last week, 70 wins would be an accomplishment. After finishing August with a 3-1 record after Garner and Purpura got the broom, the Astros are 1-6 this month, with some accusing the team of having quit. I think that kind of talk is overblown and our recent record is more indicative of playing good teams and letting a bunch of our September call-ups play.

The rest of the schedule looks daunting, with the Cubs, Brewers, Cardinals and Braves left. The two weak sisters on the schedule are Pittsburgh and the Reds, but the Pirates have owned us and I don’t remember us dominating the Reds. With them we always seem to face Deputy Dog Harang and he’ll probably throw a shutout. I remember some preseason prognostications had us finishing with around 75 wins and I thought that seemed low. Now we’d have to finish 13-7 just to reach that mark. Without knowing the pitching matchups, I’ll predict a record of 8-12 over the next few weeks to leave us at 70-92. Here’s hoping we take at least 2 from the Cardinals and help prevent them from winning the NL Central.

The Chronicle’s sports staff staggered to its feet and actually made some telephone calls this week. They produced a list of possible candidates the Astros might choose to interview, based on recommendations of other media, baseball executives and some agents.  To give them so credit, they did point out the fact that most of the candidates interviewed thus far all have strong ties to Tal Smith, which might make the interviews more pleasant I guess. The only candidate who gets a description longer than 2 sentences is Tony Bernazard, who happens to be Latino baseball executive, which is a particular hobbyhorse for the writer of the article. He gets 3 sentences.

Based on the descriptions, I’m going to choose David Forst as my favorite and pretend that I have done lots of research. That’s how the Chronicle’s writers do it after all. He is undoubtedly the most qualified candidate. He’s Harvard-educated for goodness sakes! An acolyte of Billy Beane he has undoubtedly learned at the feet of the master and picked up all of Beane’s successful qualities, including his talent for player evaluation, ultra-competitiveness and renowned temper.

David Forst for GM!!!


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