One Swallow Does Not A Season Make

But still, it’s always nice to start with a win. The Texans handled the Chiefs easily today, winning by a score of 20-3. Even though those of us in Austin didn’t get to see the game (KEYE 42 Sucks) thanks to the interwebs, I’ve seen the stats and the highlights and they give you a warm feeling. 

Mario had a big game and as everyone is duty-bound to point out, he now has as many touchdowns this season as Vince Young and Reggie Bush combined. I’m not an expert, but it sounds like he benefitted from some good plays by others, but I think that goes on a lot in the NFL anyway. 

There is definitely room for improvement. It looks like the offense never really got on a roll, although they had a good drive to put the game away in the 4th quarter. I’m sure Kubiak is OK with roughly 100 yards rushing, but would prefer a lot more. I’m glad to see Andre Johnson put up some big yards today. He’s an awesome talent and I think he’s been wasted on our teams the past few years. He needs to be happy with his position here so that when he hits free agency Houston will be an attractive option.

It’s nice to be 1-0.


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