The Petraeus Report

Advice from Micheal Yon about the report General Petraeus and the U.S. Ambassador will present to Congress this week.

The outcome of the war in Iraq, and to some extent the greater War on Terror, will largely depend upon our decisions today. The outcome is too important for quick words. Many will try to be the first to report on the report, and their reports likely will be the most unreliable.

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For the purpose of the upcoming report, instead of journalists inquiring about what I think, they should be asking Iraqis. Iraqis, in my experience seem to have little problem freely expressing their opinions (women included), and seem particularly inclined to air grievances. To get an excellent and intelligent perspective from Iraqis, I recommend reading the “Iraq the Model” blog site.

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It’s important to understand why I think battalion commanders — especially infantry commanders — are the best bet for unmitigated truth coming from just the right places on the ground; they are the best bet because they have SA: Situational Awareness. Good journalists don’t go around interviewing privates and young sergeants about strategic situations because privates and young sergeants don’t know what they are talking about. I know. I was both.


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  1. I do not trust anything reported by MSM journalists. I look for independent journalist for facts.

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