Wow, I wouldn’t have bet that going into a week 3 meeting with the Colts that it would be a meeting of undefeated teams. The Texans gave up 14 points to start the game, but then rolled over the Panthers with 31 unanswered points. So we’re 2-0. Thanks to the morons that run KEYE 42 CBS (which sucks!) I haven’t seen either of the games so far, and the odds are I won’t see a live Texans game all year. Counting the last two wins from last year, we’re on a four-game winning streak. We’ll be big underdogs next week, but hopefully we give the Colts a tough game.

Three minute highlight clip here does show one embarrassing play where we gave up a TD to the Panthers in the 4th quarter. Steve Smith caught a short pass over the middle and was hit by at least 4 Texans, 3 of whom actually had him surrounded and almost wrapped up, but somehow breaks free and runs like 70 yards. Kubiak will have fun chewing them out over that one. About 3 minutes into the clip.


3 Responses

  1. Since the draft 06, I burned all my Texans gear and have been watching the Titans play, so I am not sympathetic. That being said, Titans are on Monday night football this week, so the Texans will be shown, and then the next week they are on Fox (Titans), and then the week after that the Titans will have a bi.

    So, the next three weeks are yours, enjoy it. Titans get to go primetime this week.

  2. No one asked for your sympathy, so keep living in the past.

  3. The past? My friends and I were just talking (we live in Austin) about how awesome it would be to watch the Texans play (if they had drafted Vince Young) on Sundays. No, the problem is that every Sunday we will be remindied of it.

    I was eating at Pok e Joe’s in Round Rock on Sunday afternoon, and the place had about 10 dudes eating and watching the Titans game, cheering. They have to cheer for a team in another state. That isn’t their fault.

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